Do You Need Approval for Your Granny Flat?
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Council Approval 

Provided that the granny flat meets Council requirements and regulations, home owners do not need to obtain council approval before building a custom modular home on their property. 

However, a development application will need to be lodged: 

  • if the granny flat is larger than 80 m² in size 
  • if it is more than 20 metres away from your main house 
  • if the granny flat will be rented to someone who is not a part of your household. If the flat is for a household member and all other criteria are met, an application does not need to be lodged. 

It is also likely that an application will need to be lodged should the granny flat be of a certain height or width, as this is also council regulated. 

Council Approval 

Even if you meet all other requirements, you may be required to receive council approval before beginning work on a manufactured home. This depends on the zoning and regulations of the area in which the granny flat will be developed.  

For example, wetlands and environmentally protected areas may require special clearance before a granny flat is permitted. Other overlays and neighbourhood plans may also apply to your property. 


When measuring the size of your granny flat, it is important to consider other aspects that will also impact upon the building. These include: 

  • Parking – Granny flats require a separate parking space and entrance way to maintain the safety and space of both dwellings. 
  • Height and stories – For two-storey homes that are 9.5 metres tall, rear and side walls are regulated and cannot be taller than 7.5 metres. 
  • Roof pitches are also regulated by the city council for safety and durability. 

These can all result in a need to receive approval from either the council or a city planner. 

Neighbour Approval 

More and more neighbourhoods are choosing to protest developments. However, most neighbours don’t have any claim to raise legal objections against someone building a granny flat – especially if the builder has met all other criteria.  

It is still a legal requirement that you let your neighbours know that you will be building a granny flat – however, no technical legal approval is needed from them. 

Before Building 

It is vital that before building, you ensure that you are meeting all council requirements and regulations. Therefore, it is recommended that you reach out for some help – as getting help before the building process starts will save time and stress later on in the process.  

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