Pre-Built Modular Homes – Designed to Last
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If you are weighing up your options between a modular home versus a traditionally built home, worry not. Modular homes are not only designed and built to last, but also offer many benefits that traditional builders do not provide.

Pre-built Modular homes are strong and high quality due to factory controlled environment, in which they are built. This environment also leads which also leads to less construction waste.

Modular homes offer high durability due to high engineering specifications, which are required when homes are being transported by trucks then installed on properties. Modular homes are often built in sections then fitted out internally with kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, tiling, painting. The sections are then separated and placed on trucks to transport to the site. Once on-site, they are positioned in place and installed.

Modular homes are installed on RHS posts and have piered concrete footings. As well as being engineer certified with a foundation design and soil test, modular homes must meet energy requirements and they have an N3 wind rating when being transported. Modular Homes will also offer a government backed warranty.

Depending on the property, council and government requirements modular homes can be customised to suit conditions such as Bushfire, Cyclone, Flooding, Coastal Environments, Landslide and Environmental concerns. This can include changing or upgrading materials to suit the conditions.

In areas like rural and regional Queensland modular homes offer great value. Traditional builders will often not service these areas. Pre-built modular homes arrive on site fully fitted out and complete and once installed on stumps, it simply needs to be connected to services by local trades.

Modular homes also require less on-site costs and offer a fast construction time which can be up to 50% faster than traditional builds.

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