A Guide to Choosing Land for Your Modular Home
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You’ve found a custom modular home design that you like, and now it’s time to consider where you will build it. In this article, we create a guide for choosing land for your modular home, including what questions to ask and how to choose a neighbourhood.

Surface Shape of the Land

One of the first things to consider when viewing land is the surface shape of it. Is it sloping, flat or on a hill? For a manufactured home, a flat surface is best, and while it is possible to build atop a slop, it may lead to extra fees.

Surrounding Restrictions

As with any home, it is important to consider the land’s surroundings before investing.

Environmental Surroundings

In the case of land for a modular home, this may be looking at the environmental surroundings. If there are a lot of trees, you may have to get them cleared, and you may need council approval to remove them. Environmental surroundings also include things such as lakes, wetlands and natural council areas. If these areas are council protected, it may restrict you further in the future.

Bushfire Risk

Trees in Australia often lend themselves to bushfire risks, which is something you should steer clear of. Properties in areas like that tend to have higher insurance payments, as well as increased council fees.

Site Access

You should also consider other restrictions such as council access to your property, power lines and underground networks. For a transportable home, it is very important that there is easy site access, as the home will have to be placed onto the land. It is also worth considering where the garage and front entrance will be, as this may interfere with council access to your property, and as such, may need to be adjusted.

Energy Rating

Does this land give me the opportunity to use green energy? Some areas of land may be restricted in this sense. 

The Neighbourhood

As with any home, the neighbourhood is very important. Here are several things to consider when looking at land in a neighbourhood:

  • Do I need a school to be nearby? If so, where is the closest school and what is its ranking?
  • Is the land close to public transport? Is the public transport effective in this area?
  • Is there a nearby supermarket?
  • What is the crime rate? Are there many robberies and car accidents in the area? Are there a lot of noise complaints?
  • What is the insurance rate in this neighbourhood?

If you are purchasing land in a newly built neighbourhood, it may be difficult to answer some of these questions. However, many modular homes are built on land in new neighbourhoods. contact us today on (07) 3889 7385. Our team is only a phone call or email away.

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